Edeltraud THIER


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About Me

Edeltraud is an established Austrian artist with roots from Waldviertel, she comes from Zwettl in Lower Austria and is living in Vienna.

Her artworks have been shown in numerous national solo and group exhibitions and presented at international art fairs: Blue and Yellow Gallery Schloss Rosenau, Gallery KoKo, Gallery at the Park, Six White Horses Gallery, Atelier Coolpool, Vienna Art Market, Die Galerie, Kunstraum Ringstrassengalerie, AC Hotel Marriott Innsbruck, Gallery Art & Business Zurich, Ibiza Art Fair etc.

Inspired by the impressionist and expressionist artists, Edeltraud began to paint and made her first exhibition after graduating from the federal high school in Zwettl. After that she first graduated from the Pedagogical Academy in Vienna with a teaching degree for elementary schools and later the Pedagogical Academy in Baden with a teaching degree for art education and English. In addition to her teaching job, Edeltraud was always active as an artist and then, as chairwoman of the Art Club Zwettl (Zwettler Kunstverein), head of the Blue and Yellow Gallery at Rosenau Castle.

In Vienna she completed her studies in scientific education, journalism, and art history with the graduation Mag. phil.  Her current art style could be described as geometric-expressive abstraction. Edeltraud is a member of the artist group art18 in the 18th district of Vienna and

Artworks and Collages

Edeltraud explores the interplay of colors, various structures and materials on her canvases, creating unique artworks in an abstract-expressive style in which one can feel her passionate emotions. Edeltraud’s passion for creating atmospheric art is reflected in her creative expression. Her varied oeuvre is also conveyed through abstract-geometric compositions characterized by vivid colors.

Her work focuses on the creative act and the joy of exploring her creative potential and going her own way in painting. Dealing with color and developing her own design language play important roles. She prefers many detailed subtleties imbued with unique harmony.

Staged coincidence paired with the joy of experimentation create fragrant to powerful and very individual compositions, which are brought into an aesthetically refined form through structuring and, last but not least, mastery of the material. Her pictures are composed of strong colors and materials such as paper, cardboard, newspaper clippings, photos, pictures or fabric.

Love, emotions, passionate themes and colors

Love is a very powerful emotion and probably as difficult to define as art. Since ancient times love has been the most important source of inspiration for art, including Edeltraud. The themes for her pictures and collages – also executed with a lot of love – are mostly emotions and moods. Passion, courage to use color and skill are reflected in their detailed and precisely crafted unique pieces.

Edeltraud’s paintings are in prestigious private collections in Europe.