“Peoples place”, Acrylic mixed-media, 3*100 x 70 cm


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About Me

Günther was born in Innsbruck in 1968. He is an autodidact artist, but he has been on the Austrian art market for over 20 years and on the international art market for the last 4 years. He attended several painting courses and summer academies in Innsbruck and also outside of Innsbruck.

Since the mid-90s he has discovered a new passion for himself – “traveling”. Between 2008-2018 he traveled a lot and even went on a one-year trip around the world in 2017 and visited 13 countries. He immersed himself in all continents, gained impressions and experiences, played the guitar and was creative.
2019 – after a formative and moving encounter in Ethiopia, he then had a creative explosion and since then he has been on a dynamic and intense, possibly on a new artistic path.

For over 20 years Günther has been painting from small to large-scale, colored, very dominant compositions that are composed of geometric shapes. His compositions are designed to create a spatial effect. The artist wants to express and represent the real and imaginary reality of his living space. The capture of pictorial, colored forms, symbols, figures, and different materials shape his style and show the examination of the levels of human beings, ethics, and their interplay. If one is open to responding and appreciating what is revealed, there will be a variety of surprises, sometimes even messages … or revelations.

Starting in abstract expressionism, he has been painting the forms on the canvas in a much more dynamic manner since 2018. In this artistic phase, his brushstroke is clearly recognizable. The very thin and expressively applied paint creates an individual, interrupted culture of forms, more precisely, Günther’s paths from his travels.

In an abstract, spontaneous expressionism, Günther paints more or less sharply continuous forms, sometimes also geometric forms, which he designs increasingly inexactly. Again and again, he let the brushstroke stand out characteristically and does not slavishly submit to a precise method of representation. Partly precise, direct, and impulsive or partly spontaneous, just like his trip was. Some of his travels were planned and some were carelessly surprising, but all of this was agile, lively, and passionate