JET LUX ART was founded in 2019 by Adriana Peterova with the goal of providing an extraordinary place to sell luxury international art.

Public airports can be stressful places for travelers. Other side private airports can have a more calming effect. Flying private has a wide range of benefits, one of which is the speed of which customers depart, from arriving at the jet terminal and going through security to boarding the plane and jetting off. For passengers who have layovers or delays, airport art exhibitions provide an enjoyable way to spend time with their families, friends or business partners learning more about the culture of a community and also about different international cultures.

After the 3rd edition of the Ibiza Art Fair Adriana decided to create a new brand, the ‘JET LUX ART’. In contrast to museums and art galleries, private airports are open all day and night, and receive much more foot traffic. Passengers of all airlines are welcome to enjoy our luxury art exhibitions next to the exclusivity of the VIP & Business Services.

Adriana and her art management team carefully selected 250 professional international artists from all over the world for the JET LUX ART project. Which she is inviting for her exhibitions at the private airports and at the airport VIP business lounges all around the world. Many of the artworks that had their debut at the Jet LUX ART exhibitions found their way into world-renowned collections and art spaces around the world.

Visitors of the Jet Terminals and VIP Lounges will be granted an opportunity to enjoy the friendly and relaxed atmosphere filled with unique contemporary artworks from small 2D works, pop art, oil paintings to massive façade sculptural works or new media art objects and to acquire original art for their homes or offices.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Jet Lux Art worldwide, true to the motto: